The following images were taken over a lifelong career. Intimate moments between researcher and participants captured encounters of rare events and honest depictions of our society. These images are from the works of Terry Williams and follow the stories of real people through ethnographic field research. Some photos may inspire vulnerability and a spur of emotions for site visitors; please keep this in mind when browsing.

The Soft City: On Voyeurism and Engagement (Photos by Jana Leo)

In Order (left to right): ‘Single Girl.’ | ‘Jana’s Video.‘ | ‘Night life in Jana’s Life.‘ (2000s)

Le Boogie Woogie: Inside An After-Hours Cocaine Club

‘Image, Object, Illusion.’ (2020)

The Mole People Revisited

In Order (left to right): ‘Lord of the tunnel.‘ | ‘The rabbit hole.‘ | ‘Walking in Riverside.‘ ‘Underground near Kal and Bernard’s bunker.‘ | ‘Underground shafts of light.‘ | ‘The south end of the underground.’ | ‘Underground shafts of light.‘ (2018)

Harlem Supers: The Social Life of a Community in Transition

In Order (left to right): ‘Super’s work schedule.‘ | ‘Hands of a working Man.‘ | ‘Larry – Super Extraordinaire.‘ | ‘Super handy-man.’ | ‘Larry, West Harlem.” | ‘More than a handy man.’ | ‘Tolton – Super in Central Harlem.’ (2016)

Teenage Suicide Notes: An Ethnography of Self-Harm

In Order (left to right): ‘Writing-Rage-You-Scum-Fucking-Sucking-Whore.‘ | ‘Alone.‘ | ‘Fragile-minds-and-big-egos.‘ (1990s)

The Con Men: Hustling in New York City (with Trevor Milton) Photo By Jocelyn Chuang

Terry’s field notes from the Con Men journals.‘ (1989)