Terry Williams is a professor of sociology at the New School for Social Research. He specializes in teenage life and culture, drug abuse, crews and gangs, and urban social policy. His work has been covered in The American Prospect, New Republic, BBC, WNYC, audioboom, The Daily Pennsylvanian, and the Discovery Channel, among many others. He is the joint recipient of a MacArthur foundation grant to study the culture of housing projects. Williams is the founder and director of the Harlem Writers Crew Project, a multimedia approach to urban education for center city and rural youths.

Faculty Positions
New York, New York, 2013-present
Princeton, New Jersey, 2012
New York, New York, 1989
New Haven, Connecticut 1991
Courses Taught
Urban Sociology
Race in America
Seminar as Moot Court
Youth Culture
Sex and the City
Consumption and the City
Seminar as Spectacle
Seminar as Talk-Radio
Seminar as Organic Novel
Seminar as Manuscript: The Living Book
Ethnographic Field Methods
Columbia University Press, In press for 2018
Growing up Poor (with William Kornblum) MacMillian Company Lexington Books, 1985