The Soft City

The Soft City: On Voyeurism and Engagement
Columbia University Press

The Soft City: On Voyeurism and Engagement is a journey of discovery, an exploration into a “perverse space. It is a place of sex shops and bawdy houses, hotels of assignation, prostitute strolls, gay spots, pimp bars, after hours clubs, burlesque joints, peepshows and five dollar sex emporiums. This place is synonymous with city sexuality, both as the city of illusion, myth, aspiration, nightmare and as a location naturally segregated on the basis of interest and attitudes.

Fieldwork & Images
Image from Jana’s video journal. Photo by Jana Leo.
Sex and the City’ “single girl.” Bedtime story of voyeurism and engagement. Photo by Jana Leo.
Photo from night life in Jana’s life. Photo by Jana Leo.
Academic Subjects
Sex clubs
Fetish Culture
Sex Work
On Voyeurism and Engagement