The Mole People Revisited

The Mole People Revisited
Columbia University Press

Williams goes underground and offers for the first time an essential text for readers everywhere. Unforgettable stories and analysis covering a thirty-year span, this is a book at the center of epistemological moorings, the latest in digital projections, visual explanations, and beautiful evidence. All who read the book will see events as presented redefined.

Fieldwork & Images
Bernard (aka Lord of the tunnel), after lecturing in Terry's sociology class. Princeton University campus. 2012. Photo by Jocelyn Chuang.
Underground shafts of light. Photo by Jocelyn Chuang.
Walking in Riverside Park with grate to the left where Bernard and others live underneath. Photo by Jocelyn Chuang.
Underground near Kal and Bernard’s bunker at 90th Street below Riverside Park. Photo by Jocelyn Chuang.
Underground: The south end of the underground. Photo by Jocelyn Chuang.
Looking north of the underground towards 72nd street. Photo by Jocelyn Chuang.
Terry sitting a few feet from “the rabbit hole” entrance. Photo by Jocelyn Chuang