Le Boogie Woogie

Le Boogie Woogie: Inside An After-Hours Club
Columbia University Press

This book is about and for people interested in the fast life of the city where cocaine use and sex are commonplace. Williams provides a dynamic cosmopolitan worldview, a wide-eyed- on- the- ground portrait with the ethnographer as thinker, flaneur, and cosmopolite. The patrons in Le Boogie Woogie has a vocabulary of hundreds of  words that punctuate their experiences; from the raunchy life of players, madams, hipsters, poets, musicians, voyeurs and others: they are  all out for a night on the town with cocaine in their pockets ready for a sniff. Williams keeps a keen eye for detail, the sounds, sights, and smells of the city permeate every page of this book.




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Fieldwork & Images
Image, object, illusion.
Academic Subjects
Deviant behavior
Social Control
Symbolic Interaction
Women's Issues
Women's Drug Use
Inside An After-Hours Club