Con Men

Con Men: Hustling in New York City
Columbia University Press

The New York City landscape plays an important role in the con game, though its part can be latent and passive. Con artists and hustlers use busy transportation hubs (such as Union Sq. Times Sq. or Grand Central Station), crowded city streets, or in some cases, deserted side streets as part of their plots.

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Part sociology and part psychology and always interesting history,The Con Men is a valuable tool in understanding how this small community, living in a gray market, manages to survive in a society that for the most part rejects and disdains them.

Patrick O’Reilly

Credentials Professor, Stanford University

This terrific ethnography explains that cons and hustles are no longer the preserve of roguish proletarians in loud suits and painted ties. Everybody wants a bargain, and creative capitalism make mugs of us all.

Times Higher Education

Bold and illuminating….A thoroughly researched academic study accessible to general readers.

Kirkus Reviews

Fieldwork & Images
Terry’s field notes from the Con Men journals. C.1989. Photo by Jocelyn Chuang.
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Hustling in New York City