The Cocaine Kids

The Cocaine Kids: The Inside Story Of A Teenage Drug Ring
Addison-Wesley Publishers

The lives of eight young cocaine dealers examined in depth through daily routine with both its stresses and high points; this world comes alive as do the places where they meet, play ball, sell cocaine and rap.


“Mr. Williams combines his talent as a keen observer with thoughtful, sophisticated analysis— (This) eye-opening account should be widely read, for it provides some of the understanding that could help this nation to formulate the complex policies and programs to ensure that the inner-city youngsters coming of age in the 1990s will not be doomed to repeat the sad struggle of the cocaine kids.”

The New York Times Book Review

A view from the inside-told in the kids own words. A first- rate story that is also a first-rate study of the nations’ major social problem. Important for all to read-public, politicians, and social scientists.

Eli Ginzberg

Credentials Columbia University

Absolutely riveting. A rich and detailed portrait of urban America’s youthful drug scene that every policy makers and concerned citizen should read.

David Garrow

Credentials Author of the Pulitzer Prize winning biography Bearing the Cross

Since 1982, sociologist Terry Williams has spent days, weeks, and months “hanging out” with a teenage cocaine ring in cocaine bars, after-hours clubs, on street corners, in crack houses and their homes. The picture he creates in The Cocaine Kids is the story behind the headlines. The lives of these young dealers in the fast lane of the underground economy emerges in depth and color on the pages of this book.

Jane Isay

Credentials Addison -Wesley Publishers

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The Inside Story Of A Teenage Drug Ring